2015 Financial Indicators Report

The Alberta Municipal Affairs 2015 Financial Indicators Report is provided for your information.

The Town prepares the Financial Information Report and submits it to Alberta Municipal Affairs on an annual basis, once the financial audit has been completed. The Province then compiles all financial details and prepares the comparative Financial Indicator Graphs report for each municipality. The details on most pages are from 2010 to 2015, with municipalities in the 3,000 to 6,000 population range.

When looking at the reports the yellow line indicates the Town of Barrhead, the blue line indicates the median or middle value and the shaded area indicates the range of the values for all data that is being used in the comparison.

Variances will differ from year to year based on the various activities undertaken – ie tax collections may appear slightly below the average if one large commercial property had taxes outstanding in a particular year, debt limit used is higher the first year the actual debenture is taken out, salaries reflect the provision of ambulance services from 2010 to end of the first quarter in 2012, salaries also reflect that the Town provides garbage collection services vs. contracting it out, for a few examples.

The 2015 report indicates that the Town’s long term debt per capita is well below the average,at the end of 2014 all debentures had been paid in full and the Town had no debt. In 2016 the Town took out a debenture in the amount of $5 million for the new Aquatic Centre.

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