What is Triple P Parenting?


We are upon a busy and stressful season. Triple P Parenting can help us put things in perspective with a gentle reminder of what is important. The Following Principles are suggestions of tools you can put in your Parenting toolbox.

Principle 1: Creating a safe, interesting Environment

Develop predictable routines, provide supervision, have interesting things to do, teach road safety rules, provide safety equipment, be safety conscious near schools and playgrounds, teach your child about personal safety

Principle 2 Having a positive learning environment

Spend time with your child (more time in, less time out), speak nicely, chat and listen often, share your own experiences, be affectionate, use descriptive praises (specific and clear), give your child attention (before he/she seeks it), use incidental teaching, get involved in your child’s school and activities.

Principle 3 Using assertive discipline

Prepare for situations in advance (practise first, roleplay), ensure you have activities prepared for your child, set some ground rules, praise good behaviour, watch and supervise, use your voice effectively. (Be calm, specific and direct. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Always follow through quickly).

Principle 4 Have realistic expectations

Consider your expectations of your Child, ask yourself, What do I expect? Is this rule necessary? Can my child understand/do this? Consider what other parents expect, what your child’s school and programs expect, What are your expectations of Yourself? Are they reasonable?

Principle 5 Taking care of yourself as a parent

Balancing work and family, talking back to negative thinking, get support for your parenting by working as a team.

Every day you and your Child need a time to get something accomplished, a time to be with family and friends, a time to rest, a time to be alone. It is important to provide Child initiated and child selected activities and to provide activities for you!

This season can be challenging but with planned predictable routines the atmosphere can be calm and peaceful.

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