Agrena & Parks

Contact: Tel: 780-674-2532

The primary function of the Agrena Parks Supervisor is to ensure the arena, parks and sports fields are well maintained. With knowledgeable maintenance staff and an open attitude toward the public and user groups, the Town of Barrhead provides first class facilities and parks, which can be enjoyed by young and old.

Summer Staff: 1 full time & 4 summer students
Winter Staff: 5 full time

See the Agrena page for hours and other information about the Agrena.

Recreation Department

Contact: Mr. Shallon Touet, Director of Parks and Recreation, Tel: 780-674-2532, extention #3

The Recreation Department is involved in a variety of recreation and leisure projects and activities in conjunction with many community groups.

All bookings for facilities will be taken at the Recreation Office at the Agrena and Summer Staff will be operating out of the Agrena as well. Therefore, all your recreation needs will be met in one area.

Swimming Pool (Kinsmen Aquatic Centre) - DEMOLITION October 2014

For more information regarding the POOL CLOSURE go to:

Public Services

Contact: Shop Office, Tel: 780-674-2464

The Town of Barrhead Public Services Department consists of 15 staff that work together to provide the best possible service to the community. Responsibilities range from water and sewage treatment, sidewalk and road infrastructure, sanitation and recycling.

The Town’s water is supplied by the Barrhead Regional Water Commission. Staffing, maintenance of the plant, distribution and utility bills that are billed bi-monthly are handled by the Town of Barrhead. Sewage treatment is processed by 3 aerated ponds, 1 polishing pond and 2 storage ponds.

The Town operates the recycle drop-off center located at 4406-62A Avenue next to the Town Public Services Shop in the industrial park. Items that are accepted include cardboard, tin cans, newsprint, white paper, flyers and plastics 1 through 7. Sanitation and recycle are transported out to the Barrhead Regional Landfill where it is processed or disposed. Electronics, tires and used clean oil are all accepted at the Barrhead Regional Landfill.

UTILITY CUSTOMERS - If you are interested in knowing how to read your own water meter, please open the attachment for instructions.

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