Garbage Collection

If you're new to Barrhead and you'd like to know when your garbage will be picked up, phone the Town Office at 780-674-3301 or click on the attached map below.

Garbage is picked up the day after a Statutory Holiday with the exception of Christmas Day and Good Friday (Easter). To guarantee that your garbage is picked up, it must be out by 7:30AM on your scheduled pick-up day.

For the health and safety of our garbage collection staff, please respect the following garbage collection requirements.

Garbage Rules:

  • All garbage must be contained in standard sized disposable garbage bags.
  • No bag may weigh more than 55lbs.
  • Animal waste and obnoxious matter must be double bagged.
  • Filled and tied grocery bags numbering two or more must be bagged together in a standard sized disposable garbage bag.
  • Excessive amount of bagged garbage (5 or more bags) may not be picked up on the same day. Due to volume demands they may be left for the follow week.
  • Lawn clippings and landscaping refuse like tree branches should be brought to the Composting Lot for further processing.
  • Hazardous materials or waste such as paint, motor oils, car batteries must be taken to the Barrhead Regional Landfill and cannot be disposed of through regular garbage collection.
  • Commercial Bins: bins must be in good repair and all refuse must be bagged and placed inside the bin.

Residences/businesses that do not respect these rules or the health and safety of our collection staff will receive Violation Tags and their garbage may not be picked-up or emptied.

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Barrhead Garbage Pick Up