Planning & Development

Contact: Cheryl Callihoo - Director of Development & Legislative Services

The Town of Barrhead Land Use Bylaw (see Bylaws page) is a valuable tool that allows the Town to promote quality development within the community while ensuring that substandard development, or potentially hazardous development is discouraged. The Bylaw attempts to balance the discretion of local design makers with common standards that will be applied fairly to all potential developers in the community. The Bylaw also attempts to balance personal freedoms with the greater common good and balance stability with the opportunity for innovation. See the bottom of this page for attached documents and forms.

Fee Schedule

2015 (As of January 1, 2015)  
Development Permit - Residential $100.00
Development Permit - Non-Residential $150.00
Development Permit - Fence $50.00
Development Permit - Shed up to 10 x 20 (200 sq. ft.) $50.00
Development Permit - Discretionary/Variance Required $100.00 added to above fees
Sign Permit $50.00
Development Appeal Fee $200.00
Subdivision Application Fee $600.00
Endorsement Fee $50.00 per lot
Time Extension Fee $50.00

Land Use Bylaw Amendment
All requests must be in writing on a form supplied and approved by the Town of Barrhead
Amendment request $800.00
Town of Barrhead MAPS are available at the Town Office

Copies of the Land Use Bylaw
Copies of the Land Use Bylaw will be supplied when requested. Due to the length and complexity of the Bylaw special fees will be charged.
Bound copy of the Land Use Bylaw $50.00 plus applicable tax

Development Permits

2017 (As of December 31, 2017)  
Residential $2,279,605.00
Commercial $11,424,532.00
Institutional $0.00
Parks & Recreation $0.00
Number of New Homes/Multi Residential 10
Grand Total $13,704,137.00

Documents and Forms

Application for Subdivision.pdf151.49 KB
Development Permit Application.pdf312.7 KB
Beaverbrook Estates Area Structure Plan.pdf3.58 MB
Intermunicipal Development Plan.pdf925.66 KB
Land Use Bylaw No. 04-2015 - April 2015.pdf3.57 MB
Land Use Amendment Form.pdf35.16 KB
LUB District Map 2015.pdf322.25 KB
Municipal Development Plan.pdf2.44 MB
Portable Sign Bylaw 14-2012.pdf158.77 KB
Sign Permit.pdf106.39 KB
Westside Area Structure Plan.pdf1.88 MB