Public Services

Contact: Shop Office, Tel: 780-674-2464

The Town of Barrhead Public Services Department consists of 15 staff that work together to provide the best possible service to the community. Responsibilities range from water and sewage treatment, sidewalk and road infrastructure, sanitation and recycling.

The Town’s water is supplied by the Barrhead Regional Water Commission. Staffing, maintenance of the plant, distribution and utility bills that are billed bi-monthly are handled by the Town of Barrhead. Sewage treatment is processed by 3 aerated ponds, 1 polishing pond and 2 storage ponds.

The Town operates the recycle drop-off center located at 4406-62A Avenue next to the Town Public Services Shop in the industrial park. Items that are accepted include cardboard, tin cans, newsprint, white paper, flyers and plastics 1 through 7. Sanitation and recycle are transported out to the Barrhead Regional Landfill where it is processed or disposed. Electronics, tires and used clean oil are all accepted at the Barrhead Regional Landfill.

UTILITY CUSTOMERS - If you are interested in knowing how to read your own water meter, please open the attachment below for instructions.

Landfill Hours
The Barrhead Regional Landfill Hours are as follows:

CLOSED - Sunday and Monday
OPEN - Tuesday from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Wednesday to Saturday 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Landfill is closed on Statutory holidays.

Barrhead Regional Landfill Site is: SW-3-60-4-W5 and the Rural Address is 60009RR43 (used for GPS).

Directions to the landfill are 4 miles west (Hwy. 18) and 2-1/4 miles north (RR 43 and North of Twp. 600). For the convenience of Town residents, access to the regional landfill site is provided. For more information call the Town Office at 780-674-3301.

Fee Schedule - Demolition Materials
Disposal of demolition materials at the Regional Landfill site include: cement, all construction material and any other (non-burnable) material.

Pick-up Trucks
$20.00 per load or part of

Truck and Trailer
$40.00 per load or part of

Large Trucks one ton and up
$50.00 per load or part of

Tandem Trucks
$80.00 per load or part of

End Dump
$140.00 per load or part of

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