Residential Pick Up

Automated Waste Collection Program

Automated Waste Collection is here in the Town of Barrhead. It's a cleaner, safer, and smarter way to collect waste. Low Density Residential use black wheeled waste carts while High Density Residential, Businesses, and Institutions will receive collection bins. The automated trucks empty the carts and bins using a mechanical arm, making collection safer for our workers.


All single family homes and duplexes have a black automated waste cart. To use your cart use the following steps to ensure collection.

1. PARK IT    On the street with wheels 1 m (3ft) away from the curb or shoulder if there is no curb.
2. POINT IT    Position the cart with the arrow on the lid pointing towards the street.
3. SPACE IT   Leave at least 1m (3ft) of space around all sides of the cart. An arm’s length is roughly 1m.

DOs And DON'Ts For Your New Cart 

 Cart DO's   Cart DON'Ts
- Keep your cart clean, well maintained, and secure on your property when not in use.
- Ensure that all waste is securely contained in disposable waste bags within the cart.
- Place your cart in front of your residence by 7:00am on your scheduled collection day.
- Have your cart off the street by 11:00pm on your scheduled collection day.
- Overfill your cart. The lid of your cart must close completely to be collected properly.
- Leave your cart on the sidewalk or property for collection. Carts must be located on the road, 1m (3ft) away from the curb or shoulder, to be properly collected by the truck.
- Place garbage beside your cart. All garbage must be within the cart and the cart free of any interference.

For additional information you can consult our Black Cart User Guide or visit our Automated Waste Cart FAQ page. If you still have questions or concerns, please contact the Town Office at 780-674-3301 or


For residential buildings with 3 or more dwelling units such as 4-plexes or apartment buildings, automated bins should be present on the property. If you do not have any bins present, call the Main Office at 780-674-3301.