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Upcoming Events

Notice of Public Hearing - Land Use Bylaw

A Notice of Public Hearing will be held Tuesday, April 14, 2015 at the Town of Barrhead Council Chambers. Please open the attachment for more information.

PRESS RELEASE: Amalgamation Study Update

Click on the file attachment for the Press Release, dated February 10, 2015, regarding collaboration efforts of the Town and County of Barrhead surrounding the upcoming Amalgamation Study.

Town of Barrhead Economic Indicators 2014

For information regarding population by age, labour force, household income, etc. Please see attached.

Cost Sharing - Community Recreation Facilities

During the 2015 budget discussions, Council wanted to inform the residents of the cost of operations for the recreation facilities and how the costs are split between the Town and County from 2011-2013. Council will continue to pursue a funding formula that is equal to both the Town and County in the next couple of years.

Please see the attachment.

Digging out of the Winter Blues

Pamela Kollross
Addictions and Mental Health
Alberta Health Services

This time of year many people just want to crawl under their bed covers and hibernate until May.  It’s the season when we ask ourselves “Why do I live here?”  The winter blues are not uncommon.  We have very short days and little sunshine.  But what if it is more than that?  What if it is Seasonal Affective Disorder, a form of Depression?  How can you tell?

Community Contribution Program - How Can I Help?

Contribute an amenity to a park within the Town to save a memory of someone special, or celebrate a momentous event through the better community program. Select the attachment for more information.


How To Apply
All applications must be received by the closing date (if applicable) specified in the employment bulletin or advertised in our local newspaper The Barrhead Leader and on the TownPost Barrhead Jobs page.

Applications may be dropped off at the Town of Barrhead Administration Office located at 5014-50 Avenue

Town of Barrhead
Box 4189
Barrhead, AB T7N 1A2

Challenge Adventure Focus

Trina Preugschas

Strong words describing the spirit and determination of one of our community members. Trina Preugschas – join in and follow her blog as she proceeds on her challenge.

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