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Upcoming Events

Barrhead Curling Club - Voting is now closed

Thanks to everyone who voted - individuals, groups and especially our entire community of Barrhead. Job well done!!

TSN/Kraft Celebration Tour will be coming to our community on August 18th. Yahooooo! Mark your calendars for a fun event!

The final winner of the additional $75,000 will be announced on August 25th. Keep your fingers crossed for our Barrhead Curling Club!


Are You Ready for Back To School

Are you sending your child to their first day of school? Have you experienced sending your child back to school several times? A stress free and successful transition from summer vacation to the daily regular routine of school may be accomplished by following a few tips.

Teaching Moderation

Family and friends play a significant role in teaching children what drinking ‘safely and responsibly‘ looks like. Generally we don’t think about modeling acceptable drinking for children and youth. However we know that children and youth watch and learn from the adults around them. It’s important to realize that when you model and talk to children about moderate drinking you are influencing how that child perceives responsible alcohol consumption.

A moderate drinker:

  • Considers an occasional drink to be a small, enjoyable, part of life.

2014 Summer Adventure Camp Booklet

Hey Kids, Moms and Dads the Summer Recreation Booklet is ready for you to book your summer adventure!! Have a great summer!

Community Contribution Program - How Can I Help?

Contribute an amenity to a park within the Town to save a memory of someone special, or celebrate a momentous event through the better community program. Select the attachment for more information.


How To Apply
All applications must be received by the closing date (if applicable) specified in the employment bulletin or advertised in our local newspaper The Barrhead Leader and on the TownPost Barrhead Jobs page.

Applications may be dropped off at the Town of Barrhead Administration Office located at 5014-50 Avenue

Town of Barrhead
Box 4189
Barrhead, AB T7N 1A2

Challenge Adventure Focus

Trina Preugschas

Strong words describing the spirit and determination of one of our community members. Trina Preugschas – join in and follow her blog as she proceeds on her challenge.

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