Barrhead's Crest

Barrhead's Crest 

"The Story Behind Our Crest"

The shield is divided by a St. Andrews Cross as found in the crest of Barrhead, Scotland for which Barrhead, Alberta derives its name.

The Wild Rose in the centre of the crest represents the flower of the Province of Alberta.

The blue background represents the Alberta sky.

The moose head represents the wildlife and game in the area.

The spruce trees represent the forestry and the Golden line across the foot of the tree represents the Klondike Trail which runs by Barrhead.

In the right quadrant a golden head of wheat and one of the barley represents the agriculture of the district.

The dark cloud with a lightning bolt and the wavy blue and white lines represents the water of Thunder Lake.

The wolf, which can still be found in the area is a supporter of the shield of Barrhead, Alberta and Barrhead, Scotland.

The Blue Heron are found in the lakes around Barrhead.

The coronet above the shield symbolizes civic status and its centre a gateway. These coronets are often used in European heraldry and is appropriate to represent the many European immigrants residing in Barrhead.