Recycling & Composting


Recycling Bins are located at:
Town Public Works Shop
4406 62A Avenue


Products that will be collected by the Recycle Program include/exclude the following items:

Please DO NOT use plastic bags to bundle your items

  • Cardboard Corrugated, cereal boxes or other clean cardboard packaging (flattened). DO NOT INCLUDE WAX BOXES, COFFEE CUPS OR DIRTY CARDBOARD ie: TAKE-OUT PIZZA BOXES.
  • Paper Newsprint, magazines, catalogues, white or coloured ledger paper and computer paper.
  • Tin Soup cans, juice cans, pet food cans, etc. (cleaned, rinsed and labels removed).
  • Plastics Number 1-7 (cleaned and rinsed), includes yogurt containers, laundry detergent bottles, berry clamshells, milk jugs or any refundable plastics. DO NOT INCLUDE PLASTIC BAGS, SHRINK WRAP/PLASTIC WRAP OR STYROFOAM.
  • Electronics are accepted at no cost ONLY at the Barrhead Regional Landfill (see attendant): Televisions, laptops, computer monitors, CPU’s, computer accessories including mouse, keyboards, cables, speakers, printers, scanners, fax machines.
  • No glass is being accepted at this time. Visit the Barrhead Bottle Depot at 6115 47 Street to dispose of your glass items. 

Thank you for your cooperation!




All landscaping materials such as grass clippings and tree trimmings are welcome to:

Barrhead Composting Lot
4515 61 Avenue
East of the Firehall