Enforcement Services & By-Laws

Enforcement Services

Enforcement Services is responsible for the enforcement of municipal by-laws along with the Traffic Safety Act and other specified Provincial Acts. The Peace Officer investigates concerns such as parking violations, animal control, noise complaints, property standards issues, property signs and several other by-laws set out by the Town of Barrhead. If you need to contact our Peace Officer, visit the Main Office or contact him here: 
Community Peace Officer
Brandon Johnson 

By-Laws & Policies

This section contains folders with our most up to date By-laws and Policies. The Bylaws folder has information in PDF form about the various bylaws which include Animal Control, Noise, Traffic, Bullying, Business, and many more. Although Land Use Bylaw information can be found here, the most comprehensive list of documents, including maps, can be found on our Planning & Development Page. In the Policies folder, our Public Participation Policy, and Website Policy can both be found.