Business License

Business License 

Welcome to Barrhead, we are happy that you are interested in doing business here and are excited to get you started. Before you apply for a Business License you must determine if the license you need is applicable to the district you plan on operating in. Below you can find a quick and easy step by step process which will help you acquire the Business License you need.

  1. Refer to the Land Use Bylaw District Map to determine the district you are planning on operating in.
  2. Open the Land Use Bylaw and refer to Part XI: District Regulations.
  3. Locate your district within this section and decide which listed use your business falls under. This will determine which business license you require.
  4. Every business operating in Barrhead is required to obtain a Business License as per By-law 06-2017.

 Annual Business License Fees
 Residential License $125.00 
 Home Based Business License $175.00 
 Non-Resident License $250.00 
 Food Vending Unit License $125.00 
 General Contractor License $500.00 

 Other Business License Fees  
 Hawkers, Peddlers, Door to Door Sales $75/week 
 Temporary Business License $50/week 

For any questions, clarification or submissions:
Contact: Cheryl Callihoo
Director of Development & Legislative Services
Phone: 780-674-3301