Addressing Labour Shortages: Rural Renewal


The Town of Barrhead is proud to have supported the County of Barrhead in their application for our community to be designated under the Rural Renewal stream of the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP).  This program aims to support our local businesses that struggle with attracting & retaining employees.

AAIP is a provincial economic immigration program that nominates individuals for permanent residency in Alberta.  The Rural Renewal program will support economic development by attracting qualified newcomers to fill full-time, permanent positions in the County & Town of Barrhead. Participants in the program can receive nomination for permanent residency, which will allow them to stay working, living, and contributing to our community.   

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Employers must meet all AAIP employer eligibility criteria prior to issuing an offer of employment.

  • Must be incorporated / registered & operate within the County or Town of Barrhead
  • Job must have been available to Canadians first, at the same pay and working conditions
    • Demonstrated efforts to recruit locally, provincially, and nationally
  • Provide a welcoming work environment
  • Vacant position must be:
    • Full-time (minimum 30 hours per week)
    • Continuing (12 months or more)
    • Non-seasonal (year-round)
    • Wages & benefits meet or exceed lowest starting wage for occupation across all industries in Alberta, as set out in the ALIS website

Employers that would like to participate in this program are required to submit the Employer Application Form to  Call the County for more information (780-674-3331).


Applicants to the program must meet all AAIP candidate eligibility criteria before applying for job posting.  Program applicants must:

  • Have minimum 12 months paid full-time work experience within the last 18 months (in Canada or abroad)
  • Speak English proficiently & pass fluency test
  • Have completed minimum of high school education (equivalent to Canadian standard)
  • Demonstrate sufficient funds to support themselves and their family


The County of Barrhead is administering this program.  For more information, visit their website here!

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Updated December 13, 2022, 1:47 PM